Contribute to ‘Voices’ on children born of war

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Voices is looking for contributors to its next issue. This issue is centred on children born of war whose needs, while important, are often ignored and overlooked.

In this issue we hope to explore opportunities and challenges for children of born of war by providing a space for previously unheard voices.

We welcome a variety of content for this issue including standard articles and essays, photographs and photo essays, poetry, drawings, paintings and any other creative contributions.

To contribute

If you want to contribute to this issue, please get in touch with the Voices editorial team via email at to share your ideas.

Please bear in mind that we use a three-stage process for accepting, reviewing and editing submissions:

  1. Submission of story ideas to the editorial team based on the given theme an issue is based on. This may be in the form of a brief (150-200 word) title and abstract, or simply in the form of a proposed title.
  2. Submission of a first draft after a story idea is approved by the editorial team.
  3. Liaising with editors and submission of final draft.

Full submission guidelines can be found here.

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About Voices

Voices is a publication of the Justice and Reconciliation Project (JRP) which provides a space for victim-centred views on transitional justice. It aims to be a regular, open platform for victims and key stakeholders to dialogue on local and national transitional justice developments. Past issues have dealt with thematic areas such as amnesty, reparations, truth-telling, accountability and sexual- and gender-based violence. We welcome the submission of articles from conflict-affected community members, academics, civil society and government representatives on each issues’ given theme.