End of Project M&E Consultant

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Terms of Reference: End of Project Monitoring & Evaluation Consultancy Service

Ref: 2016-09 M&E Consultant

Reports to: Project Officer-MacArthur Project

Location: Justice and Reconciliation Project, Gulu, Uganda

Duration: 1month, 10 October through 10 November 2016.

Classification: Consultancy

Application deadline: 29th September 2016. However, applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received, so please endeavour submit your application as soon as possible.


The Justice and Reconciliation Project (JRP) has played a key role in transitional justice in Uganda since 2005 through seeking to understand and explain the interests, needs, concerns and views of the communities affected by conflict. Through the active involvement of communities in its research and advocacy, it has sought to give a voice to the population which has suffered from this conflict for over twenty years. Its interventions aim at empowering affected communities and victims of the conflict to influence local, national and international policy.

In 2014, JRP entered into agreement with John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to implement a three year funded project (2014 to 2016) on ‘‘Redress for Sexual and Gender Based Violence on Conflict Related Wrongs’’ in the northern Uganda districts of Lira (Agweng & Aromo sub county), Pader (Acholi Bur & Atanga sub county) and Adjumani (Dzaipi & Arinyapi sub county) respectively. Since the first year of the grant, a number of achievements have been registered following the project implementation that resonate with the projects’ monitoring and evaluation matrix in achieving the desired goal of the project.

As the project comes to an end, JRP requires an assessment of its implementation of the three year project to determine achievement, impact, lessons learned, gaps, challenges and best practices to be replicated in future. The service of an external M&E consultant is required in evaluating the project.

Purpose of the End of Project Monitoring & Evaluation service

The aim of the End of Project Monitoring &Evaluation is to assess impact of the project. It will focus at determining the achievements, impact, gaps, challenges, good practices and lessons learned to inform future project implementation

Scope of Work

The M&E service will involve;-

  1. Preparing and submitting a comprehensive M&E plan outlining the tasks to be performed as part of the M&E;
  2. Comprehensively reviewing the Project plan in tandem with project implementation;
  3. Comprehensively reviewing all Project reports and deliverables;

It will involve field work in Lira, Pader and Adjumani during which the consultant will be interacting with the Project beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the Project areas through documented interviews.

He/she will submit a comprehensive final M&E report at the conclusion of the survey.

Expected Output/Deliverables

The consultant shall be required to deliver;

  1. A written M&E plan consisting of methodology, time frame, research areas and target respondents.
  2. An M&E report consisting of background M&E, aims of the M&E, qualitative analysis and presentation of findings backed by relevant photographs; achievement, impacts, and lessons learnt and recommendation from the consultant’s point of view should be      present within three weeks upon signing contract an M&E report.

Reporting and Timeframe

The M&E service is expected to commence in the second week of October and concluded in the first week of the same November (10th October to 10th November 2016). The M&E consultant will be expected to present a report with preliminary findings to the project team at JRP within the first week of November and prepare a final report based on the feedback received. The team is expected to pay attention to the time constraints as a result of limited time left in implementation of project activities and writing of reports for end of project, closure of the project in November 2016.

Logistical Requirements

In order to enable effective and efficient M&E service, a modest consultancy fee will be agreed with the consultant based on the consultant asking fee and shall be paid according to the terms of agreement that shall be reached between JRP and the consultant.


  1. After completing this form, email it as an attachment to procurement@justiceandreconciliation.com with the subject line ‘M&E Consultant [Your Name]’.
  2. Also, please attach a CV of not more than 2 pages and a budget according to the provided format.
  3. Questions with * must be answered.
  4. Incomplete applications or applications that do not comply with the instructions will not be reviewed.

2016-09-me-consultant – Application Form

2016-09-me-consultant-budget – Budget template