What is JRP?

The Justice and Reconciliation Project, or JRP, is a non-profit organization based in Gulu, northern Uganda, that works with victims and survivors of conflict to ensure that they participate in local, national and international processes of justice, healing and reconciliation. We believe that community-led transitional justice processes are critical to sustainable, post-conflict justice and reconciliation.

 What makes JRP unique?

JRP’s approach to transitional justice is unique in that we focus heavily on ensuring the active involvement of war-affected communities in transitional justice. Over the years, we have forged strong relationships with victims and survivors of conflict in Uganda, spanning our programming across the greater North. Our victim-centered approach differs from many others.

When was JRP formed?

JRP was founded in 2005 by the Gulu District NGO Forum and the Liu Institute for Global Issues at the University of British Columbia in Canada. We became an independent Ugandan NGO with funding from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kampala in January 2010.

 How can I read JRP’s reports?

All of JRP’s publications are available on our Publications page. Limited hard copies of our reports and statements are also available in our Gulu office.

 What is transitional justice?

According to our working definition (pulled in part from our partners at ICTJ), transitional justice, or TJ, is a response to widespread human rights violations for situations of conflict transitioning to situations of peace. It aims to prevent such atrocities from happening again. TJ can include processes for accountability, truth-telling, reparations, memorialization, traditional justice, gender justice, and systemic reform.

 How can I support JRP’s work?

JRP has a history of creative partnerships with individuals, institutions and organizations. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a college undergraduate, you could be of value to our work. To begin a conversation on ways in which you can collaborate with us, please contact info@justiceandreconciliation.com.

 To intern or volunteer with JRP, see our Jobs & Internships page.

 Can I make a financial contribution to JRP’s work?

Yes! JRP is a registered non-governmental organization in Uganda under certificate number S. 5914/8602. To discuss ways in which you can financially support JRP’s work, please contact info@justiceandreconciliation.com.