We regard community-led transitional justice processes as critical elements in post-conflict justice and reconciliation. To aid these processes, JRP focuses in the following 4 areas:


We document conflict-related experiences and memories of individuals, communities and victims’ groups to preserve memory, acknowledge loss and promote healing and reconciliation. We also support community-led documentation efforts.

Initiatives implemented under Documentation:

Community Mobilization

We engage communities in the identification of what needs to be done to promote justice and reconciliation, provide information and updates on transitional justice processes and build the capacity and opportunity for victims’ involvement in such processes.

Initiatives implemented by Community Mobilisation:

Gender Justice

We empower formerly-abducted and conflict-affected women and contribute to bridging the gender gap through an advocacy platform where unique gender concerns in transitional justice can be deliberated and discussed, and through storytelling and legal counseling support.

Initiatives implemented under Gender Justice

Transitional Justice Policy

Through in-depth research and advocacy on emerging transitional justice (TJ) issues, we inform national and international-level policy debates through proactive engagement of policy-makers and other stakeholders to ensure that policy outcomes are locally sensitive and appropriate to the TJ needs and aspirations of victims.

Other initiatives: