Voices Magazine Issue 6

Voices Issue 06 coverTHE JUSTICE AND RECONCILIATION PROJECT came into being at a time when the conflict in northern Uganda became the focus of a discussion at the centre of which were two seemingly different points of view regarding the future of the conflict in the country. On the one hand, supporters for criminal justice processes felt the International Criminal Court’s indictments of key commanders in the Lord’s Resistance Army would provide accountability and justice for victims of the conflict. On the other, some advocates for peace negotiations argued that these indictments would prevent the end of the lengthy war. It seemed, on the face of it, to be a battle between peace and justice. Which was more important? Were they the same thing? Most importantly, what do the people that were directly affected by the conflict think? This is where JRP came in. Since 2005, JRP has succeeded in engaging victims of conflict in discussions about their needs and aspirations and played a key role in transitional justice processes and discussions. The organisation contributed to the Juba peace talks, has consistently recorded human rights abuses through the documentation of massacres and other atrocities, assisted vulnerable groups and individuals to advocate for their needs and supported com- munity-led peace-building efforts. Read more

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