Distributive justice: Recommendations for reparations and distributive justice for former child soldiers in northern Uganda

Distributive Justice - Recommendations for reparations for former child soldiers

The Justice and Reconciliation Project (JRP) works to understand and explain the interests of individuals, groups and communities affected by conflict. Since 2005, JRP has made key policy recommendations to the civil society and government actors regarding the provision of victim-sensitive reparative measures in northern Uganda, based on research and interaction with victims of conflict, policy makers and other key transitional justice stakeholder. This policy brief seeks to explore how distributive justice and reparations can serve children that were forcibly recruited into the LRA. It is based on the findings of 17 semi-structured key informant interviews conducted in Kampala, Kitgum and Gulu in Uganda. The organisations which were represented by the interviewees included a mix of local, national and international organisations from the fields of children’s rights and transitional justice3 as well as two young people who were formerly associated with the LRA.

Read this full Policy Brief here: Distributive justice (pdf)